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Remote Heating Control

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The branch of remote heating of Innovatec Power was born in October 2015, after leasing Sei Energia Spa. It is active in projecting, installing and maintaining a network longer than 50 km within the territory of Turin, in the towns of Grugliasco, Rivoli and Collegno, providing heat to around 600 buidlings (houses and companies) and 12.000 families, for an overall mass of 5 million cc.

The advantages for the cities are the significant containment of emissions into the atmosphere, and the reduction of risks linked to gas explosions and acquifer pollution.

For the final user, on the other hand, the benefits lie in the optimization of the expenses, the removal of the water heater with all its related problems (extraordinary maintenance, gas/diesel leakage, smoke emission control, supply of the necessary documentation for the fire brigades with relative cost adjustments, compliance to obtain the Green Seal required by the province, replacement cost for water heaters, etc), in the achievement of the highest energy classification for the entire building with a consequent increase in value of the property, and in the guarantee of paying only what is effectively used.

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Who can benefit from energy autonomy?

Civilian users

(houses, schools)

Plants for the requalification

of abandoned areas

Malls and service centres

Industrial Districts


Contacts for Volteo Remote Heating Control

Volteo Energie S.p.A – Teleriscaldamento

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Phone (switchboard): +39 011.9500411
Fax: 011 9596924

The schedule for all calls into the switchboard,

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Morning: from 9.00 to 12.30

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Toll-free number 800 11 55 00

For technical calls: active 24/7

for administration:

from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.30

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